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How Many Square Feet Does One Bundle Of Shingles Cover

How Many Square Feet Does One Bundle Of Shingles Cover. Here is a quick look at the cost per bundle of shingles: A package of shingles is called a bundle.

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(a square of shingles covers 100 square feet of roof.) step 3 look at the bundle (package) of cedar shingles to see how many bundles it takes to make up one square of shingles. The square footage of a roof is normally measured in squares of 100 feet. 33 square feet so that puts you right around 14 bundles but it does depend on the shingles as coverage varies.

Calculating The Number Of Bundles, You Need Is Simple If You Are Using Shingles That Come Three Bundles To A.

How many bundles of shingles in a square you can’t merely go by the number of shingles in a bundle since shingle size and coverage vary from one brand to the next. Composition shingles (asphalt or fiberglass) come in bundles that cover 1/3 square. A square is 100sq feet, if your using some of the heavier roofing, most one bundle of shingle covers about 33 square feet of roof hence around 850 bundles of shingles will be needed for 28000 square feet roof!

Specialty Shingles, Such As Iko Armourshake, Are Heavier And Therefore Packaged To Cover 20 Square Feet Per Bundle, Or Five Bundles Per Square.

Normal architectural shingles are approximately 3 bundles per square. You want to order extra material to account for waste. Each square will need three bundles of shingles to cover it.

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I am roofing the house trailer and need to know how many packs of shingles needed, cecil venturella , march 3 : A square of shingles is the number of shingles needed to cover 100 sq feet of roof area. Shingles prices per bundle and per square.

A Bundle Is Around 1/3 Of A Square And Costs An Average Of $30 To $600.

Click to see full answer. There are 3 bundles per square. One bundle of shingles covers approximately 33 square feet of roof, depending on the size and weight of the shingles.

For Some Brands And Types, The Square Feet Per Bundle May Vary.

How much is a bundle of shingles? The average bundle of shingles covers 33.3 ft 2, so three bundles of shingles are needed per square. To determine the number of squares on the gable roof above, simply divide its total of 24,000 square feet by 100.

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