How To Start A Gas Fireplace Insert

How To Start A Gas Fireplace Insert. The gas should enter the chamber and the pilot light should light up. Once the burner is lit, insert the key and turn it.

Regency LRI6E Gas Fireplace Insert Rocky Mountain Stove
Regency LRI6E Gas Fireplace Insert Rocky Mountain Stove from

Remember to do this when you are ready to ignite the pilot light of your gas fireplace. Adjust the shutoff valve of your fireplace to the right position: Once the fireplace key is in the slot, get your long lighter and hold it up next to the burner.

Then You Can Use The Key To Control The Intensity Of The Flames.

For more information on the process of warming your flue and other ways to help start the draft, click here to go to one of our other articles. After you add a remote to the gas fireplace, the very last thing you need to do is to test it to check how well it is working before you start using your gas remote fireplace regularly. Light your lighter or match.

Gas Valves Generate Their Own Electricity And Operate On Millivolts, A Very Small Amount Of Electricity.

First, turn your gas fireplace’s knob from the “off” to the “pilot” position. It covers start up, flame & heat output and fan adjustment. The next step in how to use a fireplace is building the fire.

Ensure That The Valve Is Properly Aligned With The Gas Line Of Your Fireplace For Ultimate Control Of The Flow Of The Fuel.

Turn the key counterclockwise approximately 1/2 turn. Once the fireplace key is in the slot, get your long lighter and hold it up next to the burner. The lighter must have a long neck for safety purposes, though you can also use a long match to light it as well.

Many Newer Models, Such As The Heatilator Lines, Have Battery Backup Systems.

Push in the pilot knob, which will then manually send gas into the system. Depending on how long it’s been since the gas fireplace was last used, ignition may take several attempts before igniting. Now that your remote control is ready to function, check it by pressing the setting button in the remote and set the necessary programs in the remote according.

When You Flip A Wall Switch, Click On Your Remote Control Or The Thermostat Calls For Heat, The Gas Valve On Your Fireplace Will Open.

A fire in an open fireplace should be built in such a way that allows the fire to get going as quickly as possible. Modern gas fireplaces more than likely have an intermittent pilot ignition system. The insert has its own firebox that fits within your fireplace, and the fire can be viewed through a window within the insert’s door.

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